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Design Inspiration

Expertly designed by Ockham Residential’s in-house lead architect Tania Wong, Tuatahi subtly references traditional Maori design and architecture.  The pitched roof forms echo those of the Marae while inspiration for the intricate brick detailing of Tuatahi’s facade was drawn from the tukutuku panels of the Marutūāhu Wharenui (meeting house) at the Auckland Museum.

Bricks coloured red, white and black, the traditional Maori design palette, are used to softly modulate Tuatahi’s form.  In keeping with Ockham’s cornerstone philosophies, brick and rendered masonry were chosen for their distinctly residential look, durability, and low maintenance.  

Tāmaki Makaurau is the most vibrant city in the South Pacific, affording Aucklanders a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle. Tuatahi reflects that vibrancy and represents a commitment to ensure that Auckland’s built environment is as beautiful and diverse as its natural landscape.

Why Tuatahi?

Collective ambition drives change and creates possibility. Through a shared desire to improve our built environment, the Marutūāhu Iwi and Ockham Residential have created Tuatahi Apartments for Aucklanders.

Tuatahi, meaning ‘The First’, represents a first – a partnership between Ockham Residential and the Marutūāhu Iwi, mana whenua of Tāmaki Makaurau.  The Marutūāhu Iwi arrived with the great waka and have housed their people here for centuries. Looking after people and the land is a vision shared by Ockham.

Tuatahi represents best practice urban regeneration that creates a community while enhancing the landscape.


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