Your Iconic Auckland Residence.

Finished. Ready to move in. Welcoming the final members of The Greenhouse community.

Situated in the heart of Ponsonby, Auckland’s premier dining and retail strip. 

Named for its 150,000 iridescent, green-glazed, handmade bricks from Italy’s Sant’Anselmo — and inspired by the landscapes of Tāmaki Makaurau — it’s a once-in-a-lifetime project for award-winning Ockham Residential. Beautiful, timeless luxury in Auckland’s most irresistible suburb, this elegant edifice is the very best we could imagine. Whether you’re after a new home in a dazzling metropolitan neighbourhood, or an Auckland bolthole to suit your lifestyle, The Greenhouse is a building you’ll be proud to call home.

We have a variety of corner two bedrooms (northwest-facing), one bedroom plus study (northwest-facing), and studios (east-facing and west-facing) for sale, priced from $805k through to $1.725m. 

Plans & Pricing


In a busy, bustling urban environment, your home ought to be the opposite – a space to reflect, rest, and revive; a place where the clamour and clatter of the outside world is kept at bay (or perhaps observed from your balcony). Optimised for light, privacy and easy urban living, The Greenhouse apartments combine contemporary calm with the large windows and high ceilings of times past. Extra attention has been lavished on the lobby, hallways and residents’ lounge so everyone can savour the building’s common areas.

The Story Behind the Brick

The road to unearth The Greenhouse’s signature brick took us from Huntly to Italy… and to S.Anselmo. In this artisanal enclave just outside Venice, we encountered the master brickmakers who seemed to possess an ancient knowledge passed down through generations. Ah, the iridescent glaze, a true alchemist's secret. Even so, it would take them four years to refine it – four long years spent in a dance with time itself. But it was worth it: there is meaning and enduring beauty in every brick.

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The Greenhouse: Ultimate Ockham

“I’ve spent 25 years in construction, reimagining urban communities, learning what’s possible when one acts with aspiration. With The Greenhouse, every detail, every finish – every brick – has been thought, and sometimes fought over, until we got to exactly where we needed to be.” Mark Todd on why The Greenhouse is the very best Ockham can imagine.

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The Inner Beauty of The Greenhouse

Ockham’s Lead Architect Tania Wong has spent 10,000 hours poring over every detail of The Greenhouse. “Our material palette is deeply inspired by nature – by what we’ve dubbed the ‘Aotearoa aesthetic’,” she says. “We wanted to bring the outside in. So we’ve got dark slate on the floors, the walls, the kitchen island benches; we have brass finishes in the bathrooms and kitchens. The oak flooring is beautiful, the walnut cabinetry warming…”

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Behold Auckland's buzziest precinct! Dine around the world in a week at legendary establishments like Azabu... Eat Drink Laugh... Madame George...Thirty One.... Daphnes... Orphans Kitchen... Banziha... all epically reviewed, all absurdly delicious, all just a couple of minute’s stroll from The Greenhouse. Or, if you’re having a MasterChef moment, pop back to yours and cook, serve, have dinner on the deck, and observe Ponsonby passersby, a sacred ritual in these parts.

An Aotearoa Aesthetic