Summertime. Onehunga time.

In the heart of Onehunga, Manaaki rises. Set beside a secret garden, a stroll from Auckland’s newest beaches – and with the great park, Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill, just up the hill – our 18th development can lay claim to the largest – and lowest maintenance – backyard in the city. But for those drawn to urban drumbeats, the iconic Onehunga Mall lies just a few strides away. A mesh of old-world charm and light-industrial grit, Onehunga's lanes whisper stories both old and new (not least Dress Smart's bargains!).

Manaaki is more than brick and mortar; it’s an embodiment of Ockham's ethos for a united community. Beyond the walls of the individual apartments there’s a pool, subtropical gardens, vast residents’ lounge, four work-from-home offices, and in-house café where you can caffeinate like a King. And saving the best news ’til last? We have a handful of apartments – real beauts – still available.

Now complete and ready to move into!

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Love. Brick. In a world of architectural conformity, Ockham has long championed the unyielding character of brick. Timeless, Classic. Elegant. Eternal.

Manaaki is faithful to our blueprint, though with a tweak. You see, we didn't just want bricks; we wanted bricks that told a story. So our architectural team searched far across seas and continents for inspiration.

They found it in colours – rich, bold pastels. Blues like the midday sky, greens of the early spring, pinks reminiscent of sunsets in places you wished you were. These colours evoke memories of Napier's art deco delights, or towns on the Italian Riviera – pockets of beauty in an otherwise grey world. And the best part? These pastel dream-bricks ask for almost zero wooing – we're talking low to no maintenance. A perfect fusion, then, of exquisite art and gritty, no-nonsense practicality. 


Location Guide

In the unpredictable game of suburb rankings, Onehunga emerges as a hidden jewel in the city’s crown. Nestled conveniently just 8km from the CBD and 9km from the airport, Onehunga doesn’t just bask in geographic superiority; it pretty much struts around the runway of urban coolness. Dubbed “the beating heart of everything that’s good about Auckland” by The Spinoff, and the ‘People’s Suburb’ by good old Ockham, there’s elegance here, but also dirt beneath its nails. Grand yet grounded, Onehunga embodies the pure spirit of Tāmaki Makaurau, without pretence. It’s raw, it’s real.

A glide through Onehunga