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Design Inspiration

Designed in-house by Ockham, our new building is named “The Turing Building” in honour of Alan Turing - a British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist. This is Ockham’s third project recognising historical figures who were noted for their critical thought abilities. Our first two buildings - ‘The Ockham Building’, named after William of Ockham, English Franciscan friar, scholastic philosopher and theologian; and ‘The Isaac’, after Sir Isaac Newton, mathematician and physicist.

The façade of The Turing Building includes patterning that references Alan Turing’s work on mathematical pattern formation in plant structures. It is based on the patterning on a native New Zealand leaf from the coprosma repens plant and the pattern is repeated throughout the building. The shear walls are solid precast with 20mm negative patterning and the other precast patterned walls feature asymmetric ‘cluster’ windows.

The pedestrian entry to the building is from Great North Road and once inside the lobby leads to a private landscaped atrium. The atrium provides additional light to the apartments and access to one ground floor apartment.

To maintain privacy to the ground floor apartments, the floor level is above street level by at least 700mm and up to 2700mm. The ground floor outdoor areas on the northern boundary are also screened by overhanging plants and trees.

Our shared fourth floor rooftop garden and lounge/snooker room offers fantastic views for all residents to enjoy. Solar panels have been incorporated in the design to offset the energy consumption costs to the shared areas.

In keeping with the philosophy of Ockham’s Razor, the building has been designed using a small selection of simple junctions between the various materials.

Please direct all enquiries to Maria Salmon:

M: 027 274 0573
P: 0800 OCKHAM