Our Philosophy

Ockham’s fundamental belief that housing is infrastructure drives our whole approach to development. Treating housing as infrastructure allows us to focus on the long-term outcomes of development rather than just the short-term bottom line. Like other developers our projects must be profitable but, uniquely to Ockham, our buildings must also:

  • Be beautiful, well-liked by the community and improve the local built environment.
  • Contain rooms dimensioned and orientated appropriate to use.
  • Be constructed from durable low maintenance materials that age gracefully, and minimise on-going costs.
  • Incorporate best practice design to minimise noise and heat transfer to maximise residents’ comfort and again minimise on-going costs.
  • Provide a high level of onsite amenity without expensive body corporate fees.

We believe Auckland is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a wonderful place to live.

It is our goal to lead the development community by example to ensure development in this beautiful city is world class.

Maria Salmon

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