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Station R is a building representing Ockham’s vision for quality urban regeneration that will seed vibrancy and life in Auckland’s inner city suburbs.

Designed in-house at Ockham by architect Martin King, Station R responds to the textural and structural qualities of the rail tracks and passing trains to the north of the site. Shuttered cast concrete with a rough-sawn timber finish provides a texture found in the industrial heritage of the site. These wall panels echo the movements of passing trains and the building form follows the curve of the street and train tracks.

The rear of the building faces the historical residential bungalows of Mt Eden in their leafy green streets. Martin has encompassed these features by incorporating living green walls, timber panelling and bamboo decking, which provide quiet, sheltered spaces for the residents. The result is a mixture of diffused light and scattered shadows, reflecting the mature trees of the neighbourhood.

In keeping with Ockham’s cornerstone philosophies, Station R consists of materials that are durable, low maintenance and have a distinctly residential appearance. The incorporation of timber panelling, honed concrete and living green walls reflect the diversity of the local bueilt environment while ensuring the building responds in a personal manner to its residents.

Station R shapes a new reality for Auckland’s future - imagination, ambition, beauty and longevity.


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