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We have a track record for creating handsome, well-crafted buildings. Look around Auckland – have a look at our completed projects so far – and you'll see a theme emerging. A core Ockham principle is to build with classic, proven materials which not only look good, but minimise maintenance for residents. We build to last.

"Done well, apartments are the key to the liveable city," wrote then-Metro editor Simon Wilson in a sparkling – and prescient – paean to apartment living in 2015. "Good blocks of apartments provide density to a suburb without destroying lots of free-standing homes."

"When you have more people in a suburb, there are more services (more medical services, more hairdressers, more frequent public transport…). There’s more choice: different types of restaurants, competing versions of yoga, more mechanics. Someone’s more likely to open a cinema, or a climbing wall or a bookshop.

"Apartments are typically cheaper to own than free-standing houses in the same area. So they allow older people to downsize from their family homes while staying in the suburb they love. At the same time, they make it easier for young families to buy a home close to the grandparents.

"If it’s on one of the arterial ridges leading in and out of the city, you could find yourself in the very heart of a new, vibrant style of Auckland living... It won’t take long. Being part of the critical mass of people necessary to make such urban environments work is likely to become one of the specially rewarding ways to live in this city."

Buyers guide

Looking for your first apartment

What are the important things to look for when buying an apartment off-plan? This handy guide has a list of the questions you should be asking – and a few tips to aid you in your quest.

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Body Corporates

It’s very often the first question a first-time apartment buyer asks Ockham's Joss Lewis. "They listen carefully and then go very quiet," Joss says. "Then softly, almost shyly, they'll ask: "What's a body corporate?' A string of related questions then follows."

  • What does a body corporate do?
  • How do they set their fees?
  • Who goes on the committee?

When it comes to body corporates, few know more than Crockers, New Zealand’s largest independent body corporate service provider. Their 60-strong body corporate team look after almost 1,100 body corporates – everything from two units to 2,500 units. All up, they manage more than 22,000 units within New Zealand. 

In their 49 years in the game, they've build up an unrivalled degree of expertise, experience and know-how. They were the only independent body corporate service provider invited by the government to be part of their external reference group during consultation for the Unit Titles Act 2010.

And so when we wanted someone to explain "the mystery and enigma" of body corporates in simple plain English, we straight to the top – to Crocker’s CEO, Helen O'Sullivan.

Property Management Services

We have kept a number of apartments in developments as rental properties including all 32 homes at Modal in Mt Albert. These properties are expertly managed by Anne Duncan Rentals.

With extensive experience and a reputation for excellent customer service, the Anne Duncan team are specialists in the property management realm. They're extremely familiar with Ockham properties, managing a large portfolio of apartments within our buildings. Some of these are Ockham-owned apartments, others privately-owned by individuals who have bought with us.

If you'd like a rental appraisal or are looking for a property manager for your Ockham apartment, Des Ryder from Anne Duncan Rentals would love to hear from you.

Contact details:

Des Ryder
027 422 2334
09 815 2810