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Ockham Exclusive - An audience with Tony Alexander

He was the bank economist who became a household name. An economist who’d make you laugh, occasionally make you frown… always make you think. After a 25-year reign as BNZ’s Chief Economist, Tony Alexander became an independent commentator and analyst in 2019. We were honoured to have him as our inaugural Ockham Insights speaker.

He spoke for an hour, speaking fast, about a thousand words a minute, barely glancing at his notes. Candid, thoughtful and utterly riveting, Tony Alexander's insights into the resilience (so far) of New Zealand’s economy – and the continuing strength of our property market – are golden.

This video is worth watching, then watching again – and then probably bookmarking to refer back to. Because this man has forgotten more about the NZ economy in the past week than many of us will ever know. And he has the gift, not always shared in his profession, of bringing people and stories into the world of stats and spreadsheets.

As the man himself says: “What I concentrate on and where my true area of expertise lies, is translating the arcane world of economic developments and trends into a language understandable by most people in the business and home buying sectors.”