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Kōkihi in Waterview - A quick tour of our newest development

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Construction at Kokihi began shortly before lockdown. Following the move to Level 3 in late-April, the Ockham crew returned to the Waterview site. In this video, Joss Lewis from the sales team takes you on a virtual tour of Kokihi.

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Since going on sale late last year, 73 of Kokihi's 95 apartments have sold. With just eight KiwiBuilds and 14 open-market options left, Ockham's Joss Lewis says you'll need to be quick to snaffle a quality and affordable apartment in the suburb formerly considered "Auckland's best-kept secret".

"Kokihi is similar in style and feel to Tuatahi just up the road in Mt Albert," she says. "Both developments are in a brilliant location: Kokihi is just 6.7km from the CBD, with bus routes and cycleways heading in all directions, and on-ramps to everywhere else.

"It's a perfect place for those who like to be on the edge of the action but still be able to get anywhere in the city very easily." 

While the stress and uncertainty around the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown could lead to the Kokihi's completion date being pushed out, Joss was keen to stress an important point of difference between the project and some others out there. "Kokihi is being built by Ockham Construction – our in-house team. Our guys are raring to go and ready to crank up the diggers the moment they get the signal.

"This is a difficult time for everyone in Aotearoa, New Zealand. We're been thinking a lot about our colleagues in the industry and we're wishing them well. Our city - our country - will need all hands on deck when lockdown ends." 

See: Kokihi Model Tour from Ockham Residential on Vimeo.