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Keen to buy a KiwiBuild apartment at Manaaki?

The KiwiBuild programme was set up by the government to help more New Zealanders buy their own home. If you are keen to buy one of our KiwiBuilds and want to understand the process, our How to buy page has all you need to know.

Our one-bedroom KiwiBuild apartments are being sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Our two and three-bedroom KiwiBuild apartments are now all sold.

Check your KiwiBuild eligibility

    The eligibility requirements for KiwiBuild have evolved from the scheme's inception in 2018. Initially targeted at first-home buyers only, the scheme was extended in 2019 to allow homeowners a 'second chance'. The eligibility requirements have since been broadened further.

    To be eligible for KiwiBuild you must:

    (a) be at least 18 years old  
    (b) be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or resident visa holder who is 'ordinarily resident in New Zealand'
    (c) have a pre-tax income from the previous 12 months of:  
     $120,000 or less for a single buyer; or  
    $180,000 or less combined for two (or more) buyers
    (d) intend to own and live in the home for the minimum ownership period
    (e) not own another home at the time you settle on a KiwiBuild home.

    There are a few more things in the fine print you should know – the government's KiwiBuild website has an Eligibility Criteria Guide which covers everything in detail, along with an excellent FAQs section which lays things out in straightforward Plain English. If you have any questions for the KiwiBuild team, they have an 0800 enquiry line and general info email address.

    To apply for pre-qualification with KiwiBuild, go to www.kiwibuild.govt.nz.

    KiwiBuild apartments

    Our KiwiBuild fit out

    All our KiwiBuild apartments come with a balcony or garden, double-glazed windows and a full appliance package (which includes an oven, induction cooktop, dishwasher, rangehood and washer/dryer combo). The fixtures and fittings are exactly the same as our open market apartments.

    One-Bedroom Apartments


    We have 29 one-bedroom KiwiBuild apartments at Manaaki. They range in size from 42-45m2 and are either east or west facing. 

    Our one-bedroom KiwiBuild apartments do not come with the option to purchase a car park, so you would either need to consider living car-free or parking your car on the surrounding streets. There will be plentiful bike parks and public transport is very good.

    If you are interested in buying a one-bedroom apartment, the process is outlined here.

    One-Bedroom Apartments
    # Building Apartment GFA* (m2) Balcony GFA* (m2) Garden GFA* (m2) Car Parks Price Enquiry
    A-G01 Ground Floor 45 4 15 Sold
    A-G02 Ground Floor 45 4 15 Sold
    A-102 First Floor 45 4 $500,000
    A-103 First Floor 45 4 $500,000
    A-202 Second Floor 45 4 Sold
    A-203 Second Floor 45 4 Sold
    A-305 Third Floor 45 4 Sold
    A-306 Third Floor 45 4 Sold
    A-315 Third Floor 42 3 Sold
    A-415 Fourth Floor 42 3 Sold
    B-G01 Ground Floor 45 4 7 Sold
    B-102 First Floor 45 4 Under contract
    B-202 Second Floor 45 4 Unavailable
    B-302 Third Floor 45 4 Sold
    C-G01 Ground Floor 45 4 7 Sold
    C-102 First Floor 45 4 Sold
    C-202 Second Floor 45 4 $500,000
    C-302 Third Floor 45 4 $500,000
    C-402 Fourth Floor 45 4 Sold
    D-G01 Ground Floor 45 4 7 Sold
    D-G09 Ground Floor 45 4 7 Sold
    D-102 First Floor 45 4 Sold
    D-110 First Floor 45 4 Sold
    D-202 Second Floor 45 4 $500,000
    D-210 Second Floor 45 4 Under contract
    D-302 Third Floor 45 4 Sold
    A-302 Third Floor 61 16 1 Sold
    D-402 Fourth Floor 45 4 Sold
    D-410 Fourth Floor 45 4 Sold