Home Buyers’ Assistance Package now available at Manaaki

For everyone involved with housing – designers, developers, builders, sellers, and homeowners – it’s been a tough two years. At Ockham Residential we’re proud to have delivered 481 new homes across five projects in the last 12 months, despite the market challenges.

We love creating enduring buildings that reflect our beautiful city’s majestic landscape and still have a burning desire to help create the best urban communities we can imagine.

To make it easier to buy Ockham, and to help our industry, we're excited to announce a Home Buyers’ Assistance Package for our completed apartments at Manaaki in Onehunga. Here are the details:

Our new financial assistance package has been set up to ease the cost of the first two years of home ownership. The package of $10,000 for one bedroom purchasers, $15,000 for two bedroom purchasers, and $20,000 for three bedroom purchasers specifically assists with:

  • Legal costs
  • Moving costs
  • Furnishing costs
  • Rates and body corporate fees

The Home Buyers’ Assistance Package will be made available on settlement – simple as that. The package will only be offered for a limited time depending on demand.

"We hope that this package will ease the strain on home owners in the current economic climate and make the possibility of buying an Ockham home more achievable," says Ockham CEO William Deihl. "It's a challenging environment out there and every little bit helps." 

If you’d like to talk through the details, you’re welcome to give Joss, Lisa or Zara on the sales team a call.