How to Buy

You’ve checked out Meadowbank and felt immediately you're a Meadosian, a 'banker... a  Meadowlark! You’ve done your due diligence; you’ve consulted friends and whānau. You’ve read our understated sales material and decided that Koa Flats is for you.

Next Steps

Whether you're an old hand or a first home buyer, you’ll be feeling (a) extremely excited, and (b) a little nervous right now. Buying a home is a big deal and you'll want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

To help you navigate on your home buying journey, we’ve prepared this step-by-step guide. This section explains the sales process and sales sequence – when the apartments go on sale, what information we'll find in our Purchaser Information Pack, what legal stuff we need (and you need to know).

Pretty much everything you need to know is here, but we imagine you'll want to come and see us and go through things.

Our sales suite at 54 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn is open seven days a week between 12-3pm.

Righto… all set? Read on!

How to buy – the steps in the process

1. Do your research (very important!)

We think buying in Koa Flats is a good call — of course we do — and we’ll point to our track record of building some of Auckland’s best-loved apartment developments as evidence you’re on the right track. But don’t just take our word for it: get independent financial advice before you buy. At a minimum, talk to a bank or independent financial advisor about your home loan options.

2. Get a lawyer!

You’ll need a lawyer to advise and represent you. You will probably want them to take you through a blank Sale & Purchase Agreement.

3. Ready to buy? (well, nearly)

Done your research and keen-as? Contact our sales team to make an appointment, or pop by the Koa Flats Sales Suite — 54 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn. We’re open seven days a week between 12-3pm.

4. Your Purchaser Information Pack

We’re selling apartments at Koa Flats on a first-come, first-served basis. We’ll send prospective buyers a Purchaser Information Pack which includes a LIM report, a blank Sales & Purchase Agreement, Real Estate Authority (REA) guides for buyers etc.

5. Your Sales & Purchase Agreement

Once you’ve decided on an apartment, we’ll draw up a conditional Sale & Purchase Agreement. This includes 5-working-day finance and due diligence conditions (a kind of cooling-off period where you can walk away, without offering any reason and without penalty, if you change your mind).

Some of the tasks that need to be ticked off here include:

  • Your lawyer will review the agreement and related documents.
  • If you haven’t already done so, you might want to get agreement in principle from your bank.
  • Apply for your KiwiSaver First-Home Withdrawal / First Home Grant now if you intend to put these funds towards your deposit.
  • Do your homework – dot the t’s and cross the i’s – so you’re well-informed and ready to proceed.

If you’re happy to go ahead, your lawyer will let us know and our agreement will go unconditional.

6. Pay a 10% deposit to secure the apartment

Once you’ve done your due diligence, you’ll pay a 10% deposit. All deposits are held in trust by Ockham Residential’s lawyer until settlement.

7. Construction

Congratulations... you have bought a Koa Flats apartment! Over the next couple of years, we’ll send you regular updates, pics and work-in-progress videos in the Koa Flats Owners’ Circle newsletter.

8. Prepare for settlement

Finance: Most banks give mortgage pre-approval for up to three months, although this timeframe can vary. This means you’ll need to get your finance finalised in the months prior to settlement. Your bank may request a valuation of the apartment at this point.

Pre-settlement inspection: In the 10 working days prior to settlement, you’ll also have the opportunity to conduct a pre-settlement inspection.

9. Settlement

Good news... it’s mid-2023 and Koa Flats is finished and you’re about move in. Settlement takes place once the building is complete and the Titles and Code of Compliance Certificate (CCC) have been issued. We’ll see you for a sundowner beside the pool!

More information

Very important: You’ll also need to do lots of your own research.

If you’re a first-home buyer, then definitely check out: – It’s an independent website, set up by the New Zealand Government, that’s full of tips, essential resources and links to pretty much everything.

The following website is also well worth your time: – Housing New Zealand (KiwiSaver first-home withdrawal and First Home Grant).