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Design Inspiration

Designed by Ockham Residential’s in-house architects, the inspiration for Bernoulli Gardens was simple: to encourage a sense of community by creating a relaxed, informal garden environment for residents to share.

Innovative choices to remove unnecessary fences and concrete driveways have made a new suburban reality possible.  A large north facing resident’s lounge opens out to generous landscaped gardens, creating bump spaces designed to foster opportunities for community and connectedness.  The garden views from the apartments also reinforce the idea of an urban village.

Inspired by classic warehouse loft-style buildings, the Bernoulli Gardens’ architecture is elegant yet restrained and references the historic aircraft hangars and brick factories of Hobsonville Point.

The timeless masonry façade provides a natural counterpoint to the gardens that change with the seasons. In keeping with our cornerstone philosophies, we have chosen materials that are durable, low maintenance and distinctly residential.

Why Bernoulli Gardens?

Daniel Bernoulli was an 18th century Swiss mathematician and physicist who developed equations in fluid dynamics and is after whom the Bernoulli principle was named.  This principle describes the mathematics of the mechanism underlying the operation of two important technologies of the 20th century: the carburettor and the airplane wing.