A striking, vividly white building on the Great North Road ridgeline, The Turing is our fifth development.

Completed at the end of 2014 some time before the Auckland Unitary Plan was signed off, The Turing demonstrates our early embrace of higher-density apartment living, with solar panels incorporated to offset the energy consumption costs to the shared areas and a vast top floor residents’ lounge and deck. 

In fact, The Turing residents' area is famous among Ockham developments for its feature snooker table – and its view! Five storeys high, those who live in one of The Turing’s 27 apartments enjoy a perch on the Great North Road ridgeline, with clear views north over the Waitematā Harbour.

Another project to be called after one of our favourite critical thinkers, the building finds its namesake in Alan Turing, a 20th-century British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and computer scientist, who was persecuted for his sexuality and convicted of 'Gross Indecency' in 1952. Turing committed suicide two years later. 

Turing is most celebrated for his significant contributions to computing and cryptography during World War II. However, it is his lesser-known work on plants and other aspects of the natural world using mathematical formula, that loans itself to the unique design of The Turing. The white walls of the building are adorned with a solid precast of 20mm negative patterning, with fractal-like angular asymmetric clusters of windows. This design is inspired by the native shrub Coprosma repens.

Grey Lynn

Framed by ridgelines along Jervois and Great North Roads, the sweeping valley of Grey Lynn was one of the first neighbourhoods established to the west of inner-city Auckland, along with its sibling Ponsonby.

There’s a distinct identity in this artsy, freethinking, intellectual part of town. Bars, cafes, and eateries (many vegetarian in outlook) line the neighbourhood’s two main enclaves — referred to as Grey Lynn, and along Richmond Road, West Lynn — but the centre of the community is surely Grey Lynn Park, home of the eponymous and long running Grey Lynn Park Festival.

On weekends it seems like everyone (and their dog) can be seen having a wander in the park, lounging under the trees, doing tricks on the skate ramp, playing some league, or a spot of basketball.