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Design Inspiration

Designed in-house at Ockham by Tania Wong, the buildings were inspired by the genius of Isaac Newton. Newton is well known for his theories of gravity and celestial mechanics and also for his fine contributions to pure mathematics.  It is less well known that Newton did seminal work in optics. Tania has referenced his work in optics, particularly his discovery of light interference and the double slit experiment, which motivates the detailing of the exterior precast panels of the building. This theme also extends into the interior of the buildings with the carpet patterning, the corridor wall panels, tiles and lighting in the lobbies and corridors.

In keeping with Ockham’s cornerstone philosophies, we have chosen materials that are durable, low maintenance and have a residential appearance. The incorporation of the brickwork into the façade also complements the local environment, the essence of the community and the neighbouring St Columba Church.

This reflects our core focus - to make a difference to Auckland’s built heritage. We want to do things a different way and raise people’s expectations of what can be done. The Company is committed to setting a new standard in high-density residential development. We are well funded and prepared to lead by example while also contributing to the communities we work in.

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