Ockham announces partnership with Objectspace

In 2017 we announced our partnership with the Ponsonby public gallery devoted to craft, arts and architecture.

Objectspace opens the doors to its new Rose Road gallery on Friday having reached its ambitious fundraising goal of more than $600,000 thanks to the generous support of lead partner Ockham Residential.

Ockham Residential has signed on for what Objectspace describe as an unprecedented three-year partnership.

Objectspace gallery director Kim Paton said she was thrilled to have Ockham backing the gallery: “The co-founder of the company, Mark Todd has such a unique philosophy. He’s a dynamic entrepreneur who has a refreshing vision when it comes to housing, particularly in Auckland.”

Objectspace has named gallery one The Ockham Gallery to reflect this lead partnership and major sponsorship. Their support will also see the launch of the Ockham Lecture Series, an annual series of 10 lectures featuring local, national and international speakers with an educational focus around design and our built environment.

Ockham captain lauds partnership

Ockham captain Mark Todd expressed his delight at the union of the two Os: “We live in a world full of possibility.  Breathing life into possibility requires imagination and critical thinking – two disciplines that Ockham values highly. We’ve taken the lead sponsorship of Objectspace to support them in their exploration of possibility through design.”

After months of construction, Objectspace will welcome the public into New Zealand’s new, official home for design, architecture and applied art on Friday 28 July.

The new gallery, situated in a refitted industrial warehouse will boast four exhibition spaces and a multi-use public programme space. The larger gallery, coupled with an expanded mission, has allowed Objectspace to step into the role of New Zealand’s only dedicated home for design and architecture.