We’re delighted to be bringing Aroha, our 14th development, to Avondale. It’s a brilliant community – one of the best – where people work hard, look forward to the future, look out for each other too. 

Set at the intersection of Great North Road and Ash Street, Aroha stands at the gateway into Avondale, one of Auckland's most dynamic neighbourhoods. Just 8km from the CBD – and with trains, buses and bike paths abounding – Avondale is impeccably well-connected.

Add in a major town centre regeneration, new cafes and restaurants – plus Auckland's biggest and most thrillingly diverse weekend market – and it's easy to see what the buzz is about. Up-and-coming Avondale has everything going for it, a city-fringe suburb that's changing fast while retaining its gritty, essential 'Avondaleness'. 

Expected completion Q1 2023.


Design Inspiration

Aroha will both fit in and stand out in Avondale. Its white glazed brick mirrors the day, azure-tinted when the sun’s out, grey when it’s grim… flexing to meet the city’s ever-changing weather and mood.  

Aroha’s other brick, a dappled red with subtle mauve hues, adds warmth and old school elegance. And practicality: a core Ockham principle is to build with classic materials which not only look good, but minimise maintenance for residents. We build to last. And we build for our residents. We recognise a home sometimes needs to be a haven: with double-glazing and excellent inter-tenancy soundproofing our individual apartments are quiet and tucked away, offering a place of sanctuary.

But our buildings also become communities: Aroha has all the extras people expect from us, including a swimming pool, dual residents’ lounges, community gardens and secure covered carparking. In short: it’s Ockham quality inside and out.

Welcome to Avondale

Welcome to Avondale

The Aroha Local's Guide to Avondale

Sitting on the city’s doorstep — and gateway to our West Coast beaches — Avondale is a suburb superficially familiar to many of us. We know the racecourse and market and spider which carry the name: we will have passed through it on rail, bus and car missions into town or else out West.