The Feynman: How to view, how to buy

The Feynman was launched via an online livestream on Tuesday 1 March. This page tells you how to book an appointment to buy at The Feynman, either via video or Zoom, or else in-person at our sales suite in Grey Lynn.

Our 21st development could be said to be a coming-of-age: it definitely represents a maturation of Ockham's commitment to community facilities.

Relive the Launch

What: Watched by almost 5 million New Zealanders – and an estimated 3.68 billion viewers around the world – The Feynman launch was the non-faked moon landing of our time. Originally simulcast on our Facebook page and website, the 23-minute livestream spectacular is even better on the third or fourth viewing. We recommend it unhesitatingly.

The Buying Process

Now, you've watched the launch and been moved by our humble hyperbole. You’ve checked out great and gregarious Grey Lynn and felt immediately that you belong: you've decided that you're a Feynman fine person. What next?

  1. If you're interested in buying, you'll need to book an appointment via our online booking system on The Feynman webpage.
  2. Oue friendly sales team will metaphorically walk through the development, either face-to-face in our sales suite (fit personnel willing), or via video call. You can select which option you prefer when you book. After a couple of years of semi-remote working, they're pretty adept at video calls / Zoomage.
  3. To give everyone a fair shot, apartments are being sold on a first-in, first-served basis (in order of appointment time), so don't delay.

Questions? Send them our way!

For questions about the buying process, please contact a member of our sales team below:

Joss Lewis

Phone: 021 245 5155

Lisa Redgrove

Phone: 021 415 980

Zara Kehoe

Phone: 021 162 4451

Georgina Munro

Phone: 021 457 102