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The A-Z of Body Corporates. Free Guide and Webinar

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Ockham's second webinar on the fascinating and often unreasonably overlooked subject of body corporates was streamed live on the interweb on Wednesday 29 September. Crockers queen Helen O'Sullivan shared her encyclopedic knowledge of the subject with our own Joss Lewis in The A-Z of Body Corporates.

Of all the questions we get asked from buyers at Ockham, ‘What’s a Body Corporate?’ or ‘How does the Body Corporate work?’ rank among the most common. ‘Body Corps’, as they’re colloquially referred to in the biz, are something you likely won’t encounter until you enter into the apartment market.  

Then, you suddenly won’t be able to get enough of them. The world of Body Corps will reveal itself before your eyes – shared amenities! Maintenance costs! Pet ownership! There’s little that goes on in an apartment building that a Body Corporate doesn’t touch. HBO dramas have been written around less.  

When it comes to body corporates, few know more than Crockers, New Zealand’s largest independent body corporate service provider. Their 60-strong body corporate team look after almost 1,100 body corporates – everything from two units to 2,500 units. All up, they manage more than 22,000 units within Aotearoa. In their 50 years in the game, they've built up an unrivalled degree of expertise, experience, and know-how. And so when we wanted someone to explain the ins and outs of body corporates in simple plain English, we thought we’d go straight to the top – to Crocker’s CEO, Helen O'Sullivan aka ‘the Hilary Barry of NZ property’.  

Whether you're thinking about buying an apartment or have already bought in one of Ockham’s developments, this informative webinar should not be missed.

Watch now!

This world-famous-in-Western-Springs webinar took place on Wednesday 29 September. But if you missed it, worry not - we recorded it and you can watch it again (and again if you're really keen) on our Vimeo channel.

Amazing Free Guide!

We'll also preparing a downloadable guide which will materialise on this page - RIGHT HERE! - on Tuesday 19 October. It's super-useful - your one-stop shop to all things BC, the second of our free downloadable A-Z guides, following The A-Z Guide to Buying Off the Plans.