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Free (and most excellent) downloadable guide to Buying off the Plans

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Buying an apartment off the plans can be a little intimidating if you haven’t done it before. Over the years our sales team have met with all number of buyers who are tentative about the process, or want to buy but are unsure about the right next steps. 

We get it, there’s a lot to take in – between what the developer’s saying, what to hit your lawyer up about, and what the mortgage advisor is telling you... when you stack it all up, it amounts to pages and pages of info. 

So, stacking up all the pages and pages of info is exactly what we’ve done.  

Following the recent runaway success of a webinar, Buying Off the Plans – available to relive and rewatch right here on Vimeo – we’ve assembled a dossier on the buying-off-the-plans process, with input from lawyer Jan McNamara, mortgage advisor Scott Lewis, and our very own sales star, Joss Lewis. 

With their combined expertise, and some added tips and resources, this free downloadable guide is a powerful multi-tool – a Swiss army knife of know-how, as it were – for anyone embarking on the buying off the plans process. 

Because whether you buy with Ockham or any other developer, we want you to have the best of our knowledge to hand to help you on your way.  

Download your copy now