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Arohanui Auckland: Take care, Be Safe

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After 170 days of normal(ish), everyday life, we find ourselves back in lockdown. Back to listening to Sir Ashley Bloomfield and the 1 o’clock briefings; back to Zoom, sourdough baking and toilet roll collecting. A quick note to wish our 1.7 million A-Team compatriots all the best over the next little while.

It was a ‘Here we go again’ vibe for us on Tuesday as it was for everyone – floor plans and paperwork were hurriedly printed off, desktop monitors carted out the door, even the odd office chair. Our people have regrouped, and everything is back to some semblance of normal (business as unusual as they say). 

This is where we’re at.

We keep working

Specifically… working from home. Our sales team in Grey Lynn, and the Design, Project and Finance teams at Ockham HQ on Khyber Pass have been flat out in 2021 and plan to have some deep-thinking time over the next few weeks (bored small persons permitting). We’re available via phone, email, Microsoft Teams and, of course, Zoom.

Once you’re Netflixed out and read some of the excellent and super-informative stories on the future of our Covid elimination strategy, the challenge of Delta, and what the lockdown rules mean for you… then it’s possible you may meander onto this very website. If you’re here and find yourself thinking… ‘These Ockham apartments aren’t the worst! I’d like to know more!’, then our sales team would be very happy to chat or Zoom and answer any questions you might have. They’re reliably good company:

Lisa Redgrove
Email: lisa@ockham.co.nz
Phone: 021 415 980

Zara Kehoe
Email: zara@ockham.co.nz
Phone: 021 162 4451

Construction on hold

We have four sites currently underway – The Greenhouse (Grey Lynn), Aroha (Avondale), Star Newton (City) and Manaaki (Onehunga). Under Level 4 rules, construction stops at all sites. Nevertheless, work goes on – the Ockham Construction team used the 2020 lockdowns to revisit/revise their programmes and managed to finish Kōkihi in Waterview three months ahead of schedule. We’ll be working closely with our suppliers and subbies so we can hit the ground running when lockdown lifts.

One last thing…

From our whānau to yours… we hope the next few weeks are safe and calm and not stressful. Kia kaha, friends. Take care.