Our Philosophy

Ockham’s fundamental belief that housing is infrastructure drives our whole approach to development. Treating housing as infrastructure allows us to focus on the long-term outcomes of development rather than just the short-term bottom line. Like other developers our projects must be profitable but, uniquely to Ockham, our buildings must also:

Be beautiful, well-liked by the community and improve the local built environment. Be constructed from durable low maintenance materials that age gracefully and minimise on-going costs. Incorporate best practice design to minimise noise, on-going costs and heat transfer to ensure residents’ comfort. Provide a high level of on-site amenity without expensive body corporate fees.

We believe Auckland is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a wonderful place to live.

It is our goal to develop Auckland’s best residential buildings to ensure the urban streetscapes of our beautiful city are world class.

Ockham Collective

Ockham Collective is a registered charitable trust, headquartered in central Auckland, Aotearoa. Established as The Ockham Foundation in 2009, its original focus was in support of education. In 2019 this focus was extended to support creativity.

Our purpose is to cultivate and share fresh ideas in education and creativity, contributing to our vision of an Aotearoa that fosters curiosity and connection. We believe humanity is at its best when these traits are developed because curious and connected individuals make positive contributions towards a vibrant collective. We honour and support the individual as part of a whole and our work in creativity and education aims to strengthen the community we live in.

With that in mind we've started an annual residency programme, bringing together a select group of creatives, artists and educators, and providing them with beautiful spaces in which to perform, practice, teach, write and think. Our inaugural Residents are all musicians. For good reason, we're big fans of people exploring and thriving in this discipline.