Ockham Residential

The Ockham Collective began its journey in 2009 as Ockham Foundation, born from the generosity of the Ockham Residential founders, Mark Todd and Benjamin Preston. High-trust financial investment were made into Auckland University, Ngā Rangatahi Toa, First Foundation, New Zealand Book Awards and ObjectSpace, greatly contributing to the sustainability and the growth in capacity of these organisations.

In early 2019, a decade and a name change later, the Ockham Collective ushered in a new stage in this philanthropic journey, making a renewed commitment to servicing the needs of creatives and educators in Aotearoa through a series of community-based programmes.

The programmes of Ockham Collective cultivate and share fresh ideas in education and creativity. Through our values-led work, our aim is to harness the strength of the collective – building vibrant, creative communities and growing human capacity for positive contribution.

Our intensive Accelerator Residency programme supports up to 12 educators and creatives every year, enabling them to take an idea from concept to reality. Based at Ockham Collective HQ (Hypatia) this is a paid 12-week, wrap-around residency that leverages the funds, networks, and expertise of Ockham Group to bring great ideas into the world.

The Precinct Residency programme is a longer-term partnership designed to activate Ockham Residential buildings by providing space and support for creatives, educators and changemakers who, like us, are dedicated to fostering curiosity and connection in Aotearoa.

Alongside these initiatives, Ockham Collective supports the monthly CreativeMornings/Akl events and in 2020 will launch a series of activities that further promote public engagement with creativity and learning.