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Ockham Residential announces partnership with Objectspace

Objectspace opens the doors to its new Rose Road gallery on Friday having reached its considerable fundraising goal of more than $600,000.00, thanks to the generous support of lead partner Ockham Residential.

Ockham Residential has signed on for what Objectspace describe as an unprecedented three year partnership

Objectspace gallery director Kim Paton is thrilled to have Ockham backing the gallery saying “The co-founder of the company, Mark Todd has such a unique philosophy. He’s a dynamic entrepreneur who has a refreshing vision when it comes to housing, particularly in Auckland.”

Objectspace has named gallery one the Ockham Gallery to reflect this lead partnership and major sponsorship. Their support will also see the launch of the Ockham Lecture Series, an annual series of ten lectures featuring local, national and international speakers with an educational focus around design and our built environment.

Ockham Residential co-founder and director Mark Todd says “We live in a world full of possibility.  Breathing life into possibility requires imagination and critical thinking – two disciplines that Ockham values highly. We’ve taken the lead sponsorship of Objectspace to support them in their exploration of possibility through design.”

After months of construction, Objectspace will welcome the public into New Zealand’s new, official home for design, architecture and applied art on Friday 28 July.

The new gallery, situated in a refitted industrial warehouse will boast four exhibition spaces and a multi-use public programme space. The larger gallery, coupled with an expanded mission, has allowed Objectspace to step into the role of New Zealand’s only dedicated home for design and architecture.

Ockham New Zealand Book Awards 2017 Winners Announced

Ockham Residential were delighted to join the NZ Book Awards and the Auckland Wrister’s Festival last night for the presentation of the Ockham New Zealand Book Awards.  Congratulations to all the winners, shown below – we are delighted to have been a part of this fantastic celebration of New Zealand literature again in 2017.

For the second year, the Ockham New Zealand Book Awards took pride of place as the first public event of the Auckland Writers Festival.

Auckland Writers Festival director, Anne O’Brien, says she is delighted to launch the six-day Festival with the country’s premier book awards.

“Hosting the awards is a demonstration of our commitment to local writers, and as the largest showcase of New Zealand literature in the world, we are thrilled with the opportunity to do so. More than 100 of the nation’s best writers take part in the Festival’s more than 170 events, including tonight’s winners. I encourage everyone to come along, have some fun and be inspired by the wealth of this country’s writing talent,” says Ms O’Brien.

The Poetry, Illustrated Non-Fiction and General Non-Fiction category winners each took home a $10,000 prize.

This year’s four category award winners will appear at a free event at the Auckland Writers Festival: The State We’re In on Friday 19 May at 5.30pm in the Heartland Festival Room, Aotea Square.

The winners were: 

  • Catherine Chidgey won the Fiction Award for her novel, The Wish Child (Victoria University Press).
  • Andrew Johnston won the Poetry category for his collection Fits & Starts (Victoria University Press). 
  • Ashleigh Young (Wellington) took the Royal Society Te Apārangi Award for General Non-Fiction for her collection of personal essays Can You Tolerate This? (Victoria University Press).
  • Dunedin writer and historian Barbara Brookes won the Illustrated Non-Fiction category for her meticulously documented work A History of New Zealand Women (Bridget Williams Books).

Four authors won four Best First Book Awards at the event: 

  • The Judith Binney Best First Book Award for Illustrated Non-Fiction: Ngarino Ellis for A Whakapapa of Tradition: 100 Years of Ngāti Porou Carving, 1830-1930, with new photography by Natalie Robertson (Auckland University Press).
  • The Jessie Mackay Best First Book Award for Poetry: Hera Lindsay Bird for Hera Lindsay Bird (Victoria University Press).
  • The E.H. McCormick Best First Book Award for General Non-Fiction: Adam Dudding for My Father’s Island: A Memoir (Victoria University Press).
  • The Hubert Church Best First Book Award for Fiction: Gina Cole for Black Ice Matter (Huia Publishers).

Each Best First Book Award winner received $2,500.


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Ockham on RNZ – Solving Auckland's housing crisis: The missing middle

Following up from the Auckland University ‘Fast Forward’ speaking series, Ockham CEO Helen O’Sullivan was invited to join Radio NZ’s Kathryn Ryan on her Nine to Noon show to talk about the ‘missing middle’ – the character flat style housing in between terrace housing and apartment complexes.

This style of housing can be seen in Ockham’s planned Set and Bernoulli Garden developments, and the opportunity to build them again in Auckland is a key win from the passing of the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Listen to Helen & Kathryn, click here or visit the link here:


Fast Forward 2017: Doing Medium Density Well

Auckland's Unitary Plan is in place and with it comes the opportunity to building what we at Ockham refer to as “the missing middle” – three level walks ups and character flats that typify our developments.  As more kiwis come back from overseas and migrants choose New Zealand as a new home, population growth is a given and preserving the city as a great place to live is a priority for all.

Listen on Radio New Zealand as Bill McKay of the University of Auckland’s School of Architecture and Planning speaks with Jesse Mulligan about ’Doing Medium Density Well’, the topic of an upcoming lecture and discussion series. 

Bill McKay refers to the School of Architecture’s 2017 ‘Fast Forward’ speaking series on ‘Doing Density Well’. Ockham Residential will speak at one of the sessions, providing a developers point-of-view and outlining how we promote community in our developments. 

Fast Forward 2017: Doing Medium Density Well
A Developer’s View: Ockham Residential Discuss their Work

When: Wednesday 29 March at 6:30pm
Where: Conference Centre 423:342, University of Auckland (Directions)

All lectures in the series are free and open to the public. To register to attend, click here.

Ockham In The News — March 2017

Ockham's Axis Series ballot was featured in the NZ Herald yesterday:

"In a sign of Auckland's heated housing market, a ballot is being run to sell five $450,000 one-bedroom planned Auckland apartments after unprecedented demand prompted the developer to decide on the unusual system.

Helen O'Sullivan, chief executive of developers Ockham Residential, said demand for such low-price places was so high that the best system was a ballot or application system, closing on Wednesday."

Read the rest of the article here or watch the NZHerald Focus video